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Various - Taste Of Chicago EP
DL001 Tracklisting:
A1       Jamie Principle - Boogie Man
A2       DJ Alena        Lack Of Sleep
B1       8fatfat8           Oh Yeah
B2       8fatfat8           Oh Yeah Part 2

Various - The Hottest EP Ever
DL002 Tracklisting:
A1       Mr. Livewire   Punani Rhodes
A2       DJ Bear Who ?         Fuzzy Got Ur Toto Wet
B1       Thick Smoove Dick Evolution
B2       Digital Dirtbath          Deep Into The Groove

Various - Back To Cool EP
DL003 Tracklisting:
A1       Mel Hammond           Babydoll
A2       Thick Smoove Dick Evolution (Josh Collins Remix)
              Remix - Josh Collins*
B1       RC Groove     Get With Him (Vocal)
              Featuring - Amadeus
B2       RC Groove     Get With Him (RC Dub Mix)
              Featuring - Amadeus

Various - Deep Ending EP
DL004 Tracklisting:
A1       Glenn Underground   The Voice (Memories)
              Featuring - Charles Matlock
A2       Glenn Underground   The Voice (Memories) (Lady D's Bonus Beats Edit)
              Featuring - Charles Matlock
  Remix - Lady D
B1       DJ V (2)          What Am I Doin' To Me
B2       DJ Alena        Boom Boom

Various - Guns & Butter EP
DL005 Tracklisting:
A1       Stacy Kidd     Bad Accident (Lady D's D'Lectable Edit)
              Remix - Lady D
A2       Monkey Nuts Triple Conack
B1       Justin Thompson       Tonight
              Featuring - Hub (3)
B2       Deep Code    Backspace

Jamie Principle - Waiting On My Angel Remixeed
DL006 Tracklisting:
A                     Waiting On My Angel (Mark Grant's Blackstone Remix)
B                     Waiting On My Angel (Blackstone Instrumental)
Lady D Presents Mr Egg Germ &T Monique - Bring Me Love
DL007 Tracklisting:
A1                   Bring Me Love (Mr Egg Germ Original Mix)
A2                   Blue In Green
B1                   Bring Me Love (Mel Hammond Butterfly Effect Mix)
B2                   Bring Me Love (Bocasonic Bout Time MIx)

Deemah - Halifax Explosion
DL008 Tracklisting:
A1                   Words
A2                   Non-sense (Square Mix)
B1                   Guess
B2                   Up & Running

Mel Hammond - Mixed Emotions
DL009 Tracklisting:
A                     Feelin' Sexy
              Vocals - Shae
B1                   Thump 'n' Grind
              Vocals - Elle Marie
B2                   Delusional Beats


Lady D Presents OGC Feat. Kelly Love - Pump Dance Part 1
DL010 Tracklisting:
A1                   Pump Dance (Original Mix)
A2                   Pump Dance (Sista Stroke's Work Your Thang Remix)
              Remix - Sista Stroke
B1                   Pump Dance (Sneak's Baller Mix)
              Remix - DJ Sneak
B2                   Pump Dance (Jamie Principle's Pump It Rmx)
              Remix - Jamie Principle

Lady D Presents OGC Feat. Kelly Love - Pump Dance Part 2
DL011 Tracklisting:
A1                   Pump Dance Part 2 (OGC Tropical Mix)
A2                   Pump Dance Part 2 (Tropical Instrumental)
B1                   Pump Dance Part 2 (Ron Carroll's Pump It Remix)
              Remix - Ron Carroll
B2                   Pump Dance Part 2 (Jake Childs Work It Mix)
              Remix - Jake Childs

Rich Sutcliffe - Old School Jackers EP
DL012 Tracklisting:
A1            Old School Bouncin
              Producer - dBm
A2                   Gettin Hazy

                                                  Producer - dBm